World Cup Worthy Party Favors and Food

Whether it’s the World Cup, or it’s some other big event that brings us all together, there’s always a need to have a big party where everyone can enjoy it together. However, that creates some problems.

Obviously, you have to worry about seating everyone, making sure you have access to whatever event content it is you’re trying to celebrate, and of course, you’ll need the friends and family that will be coming over.

However, there’s another issue. What are you going to feed everybody without making extravagant meals?

We’re here to help. The best route to take is with little party foods that pack a ton of quality into bite-sized packages and drinks that are just as fun as the bar without the high prices.

So, let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

1: Party Egg Rolls

Before you skip this by, we’re not talking about the types of egg rolls you’d get at a takeout place. It’s the same concept, but some creative culinary folks have made some unique concoctions that take advantage of the crispy, tasty wrapper.

These are great because egg roll wrappers can be bought in bulk cheaply, and there are so many filling options that you can really experiment with or try to make different types to please everyone.

We recommend one of two varieties.

First, you can try buffalo ranch egg rolls. With just some shredded chicken breast, some cream cheese, buffalo sauce, and a little dash of ranch or bleu cheese dressing, you have a spicy filling that’s a lot cheaper than hot wings nowadays.

Then, you can try pizza egg rolls. When these are finished, they’re just like adult-sized pizza rolls. They’re simple, too. Put your pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and favorite pizza toppings in the egg roll wrapper, and when it’s deep-fried, just sprinkle it with parmesan and garlic butter.

2: Sliders

Making a bunch of thick, juicy, delicious burgers for an entire party can be extremely expensive. Beef prices have gotten way too high. However, that doesn’t mean you have to skip the burgers for your party. Sliders are a great way to make a lot less meat stretch a lot further, and they’re perfect when paired with other party foods.

Just separate your beef into 1-ounce balls, push them flat into thin, small burger patties, and put them on slider buns or King’s Hawaiian rolls with your favorite burger toppings.

3: Ready to Drink Cocktails

Supplying an entire party’s worth of adults with liquor or buying the ingredients to make a lot of different cocktails costs a fortune. Instead, get a variety pack of ready to drink cocktails.

These canned cocktails provide several different cocktail favorites in the same pack, and they’re loads cheaper than buying a bunch of different bottles.

This is the perfect inexpensive way to make sure everyone at your party can get a good buzz and enjoy the event without you having to go broke over it.

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