Visualization and Other Tricks I Use for a Healthy Mental State

Are you one of the people who are constantly stressed and feel like they are losing their mind? You are not alone. Several other people have to deal with extreme stress. They feel that they have been a failure and can’t get out of the rut they have landed in. All this could take a toll on your mental health. This will eventually lead to several health troubles and even depression.

As a chef, I work for long hours, get lesser sleep than usual and still have to ensure that I always remain alert. Doing this is not easy, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that help me in getting through the daily grind and enjoying my life to the fullest. Here are my secrets.

Sleep well

My schedule often doesn’t allow me to enjoy 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Sometimes, I am so tired I don’t sleep at all. At these times, I focus more on quality of sleep rather than its duration. It is highly likely that you sleep for 8 hours and wake up several times in between. Sleeping in this way makes you feel more tired than usual. Instead, you should try to sleep in peace for at least 5 to 6 hours. I try to sleep for at least 8 hours. After a day of hard work, this time is essential to rejuvenate.


Don’t let your life be all about waking up, working and coming back home, feeling like a zombie. Visualize your life. Create a mental map of what you want to do with your life. Try to imagine a life for yourself that you always wanted and then work to make it happen. You can even create a vision board for yourself. Place pictures of the cars you want to buy, the kind of home you like, the kind of body you want and more. This will help you in feeling motivated and creating a plan that will help you earn more, look better and feel good.

Turn off notifications

The email notifications that keep disturbing you all day long are a drain on your mental energy. The same is true for social media notifications as well. If you really want to live a healthier and less stressed life, turn off these notifications or at least put them on silent. This will help you prioritize your work. For example, your phone shouldn’t ring every time someone likes your pics and posts. Instead, it should only ring when someone sends a DM. This will help you prioritize your goals in life and focus better.

At a time when we are constantly living with notifications and stress, it is better to get some quiet time. I always take 15 minutes off my schedule and consider it my quiet time. This is the time when I simply relax and don’t do anything. I try not to think about anything at all. This helps me relax and prepare for the upcoming day.

Try these tips and find a marked difference in your lifestyle.

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