Things You Should Never Do at a Restaurant, Ever

When you visit a restaurant, you are the king. The tables, the ambience, the waiters and the chef are ready at your service. However, this doesn’t give you an easy pass on how to behave when you are in a diner. Here are some behaviors that are considered the absolute worst when you are eating out.

Snapping fingers at waiters

I can’t help but point this thing out. Waiters are there to serve you but they are under no obligation to serve your ego. Snapping your fingers at the waiters isn’t just rude. It is the crassest behavior anyone can participate in. Ideally, a waiter will come to your table when you are comfortably seated and ask for your order. If you ever have to call the waiter, do it politely. Don’t call him out or make elaborate hand gestures. It is disrespectful to the server.

Don’t let children play with food

If you are going out with small kids, make sure that they behave well. Of course, the waiting staff and busboys expect a little mess when kids are around but that doesn’t mean that the child should be let loose. You must instruct your child not to play with food. He shouldn’t be spilling his milkshake on his plate and making little lumps of food for fun. If the child is unable to eat unassisted or refuses to eat, it would be better to serve the food yourself. If the child is knowingly playing with foods and creating a ruckus, it would be better to distract him, quickly finish your meal and leave.

Don’t expect too much

If you are dining at a humble Chinese restaurant serving noodles and Manchurian, don’t expect world class service. In fact, the waiter may or may not be able to understand what you just said if you hand him down complicated procedures on how you want your meat done. These places are designed for a quick meal and the menu doesn’t offer much customisation. A similar process should be followed when you are at a sushi restaurant or other ethnic diners. They have their own rules and you should not disrespect them.

Don’t eat unless everyone is served

When you are going out to a restaurant with many people, make sure that you don’t start eating unless everyone is served. It is considered rude and disrespectful. Ideally, let the host begin with a toast after everyone is served. This should be followed at every meal, formal or informal, and even for all courses.

Don’t enter a restaurant half an hour before it closes

This rule doesn’t apply to restaurants like McDonald’s because they are usually able to provide you a quick meal before they close. However, if they are unable to do so, don’t feel angry. Restaurants often run out of supplies by the end of the day and the staff also needs to go back home. You can’t keep them waiting because you want a hearty candle light dinner at the end of the day. If, in a case of emergency, you have to do so, be very polite and don’t place any complicated orders if the staff complies with your request. Best of all, pack the food and leave.

Simple isn’t it? Things that I explained above are considered common decency. Follow them and have a great restaurant experience.

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