My book

As I’ve said before, and as I tell all my friends and family when they expect me to pay for dinner, being a chef isn’t necessarily rewarding in the money department. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty successful chef. I run my own restaurant and have built a respectable career in the field and people in the food world know me and love me, but it’s still never going to make me a millionnaire.

So, I’ve had to branch out into other areas of the cheffing world to try and make my fortune. This blog is my creative outlet, but I recently released my very own book series! Of course, this was creative too, but its end game is to make me some money!

So I did what all chefs do and brought out my first cookbook, which was designed to be a basic guide to making family recipes for everyone. The original book was aimed at the average modern family, who are busy and want to provide meals quickly but ensure they are full of nutrition and healthy components. All the recipes in the first book were great for busy parents who wanted to provide the very best dinners for their kids – even the fussy ones!

There are family favourites that can last all week like lasagna, pizza, shepherd’s pie and hearty Caesar salad. All the meals can be made in less than an hour and there’s something for everyone in the pages!

The next book came a couple of years later and was definitely a step up from the first. The first book was like child’s play in comparison. I worked really hard on developing amazing recipes that are a little more difficult to master and a little more work to get perfectly right. Of course, having a little knowledge behind you really helps when you pick up this cookbook, but it is still accessible to all and in the back, you’ll find visual guides of how to do some of the techniques that I talk about in the recipes.

These dishes that I’ve crafted for this book are more catered towards adults but could be enjoyed by kids if they have a penchant for fine dining… On the whole, the recipes are perfect for dinner parties or dates.

Now, my most recent box is available to buy and take advantage of and it’s something a little different. Over the past year, I’ve been treating my body a lot better and have had my eyes opened to the world of juicing and smoothies. There is a never-ending list of brilliant health benefits to partaking in a liquid diet and an endless amount of variations that give various different perks to your body.

So whether you’re looking for a concoction to speed up your metabolism, a drink to aid fat loss or a smoothie to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

So, if you love my blogs and posts, why not take a minute to purchase one of my books and help feed me and my fat mouth for another day!