Meat Cooking Tips That Will Save Your Face in a Party

In a party, you will always find a vegan who doesn’t want meats, dairy, and any other animal products in their vicinity. Cooking for them isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is find the right vegetarian recipe, and a vegan will thank you for being so considerate of their food choices.

This is not the case with meat eaters. Most of my friends are carnivores, and they take their meats very seriously. The ‘doneness’ of the flesh, the crush, the smokiness and the right temperature for cooking is very essential for them. I won’t deny that meat cooking is complicated. It is quite a feat to be able to make tasty non-vegetarian dishes. But a home chef hosting a party could often go wrong. Don’t worry. Follow these simple tips to save the day.

Don’t let the meat stick to the pan

This is a very common problem while cooking meats. The food starts sticking to the pan and creates problems for the cook. It could happen when you haven’t preheated the pan adequately. If it is colder and you place meat on it, the flesh will certainly start sticking at the bottom.

The second reason behind this is the lack of ample fats. If you want to drizzle only half a tablespoon of oil when you have to use at least two, the food will certainly stick. With non-vegetarian foods, be a little more generous with oils. The best way to cook it is to preheat the pan and then pour some oil. Give some time to the oil to heat up as well.

Use a wooden spoon to check if the oil is ready for cooking. Place the wooden spoon in the pan and check if it creates small bubbles. If it does, your food is ready to cook. If not, wait for one more minute.

Meat doesn’t brown properly

If browning is a problem understand that has been bothering you, avoid flipping the meat too often. Note that hams, steaks, and bacon cook differently from veggies. They don’t need as much flipping, tossing and turning. Instead, you have to wait a little longer till the surface browns. The thicker the cut, the more cooking time you will need. For better heat retention, use iron skillets for searing. This could make the cut brown perfectly along the edges.

Low heat vs. high heat

If you want the cut to retain moisture and turn out juicier, you should cook it at low heat. High heat cooking renders mind-blowing crispiness to the cut, but it also dries up the piece faster. If you want your recipe to retain most of its moisture, allow it some rest period.

Cooking makes the juices to run back to the core. When you slice it, the juices start flowing out. If you like it that way, serve the dish immediately after cooking. However, if you want it to retain more juice, then allow the recipe to rest for at least 10 minutes. The thicker the cut, the more the rest period.

Follow these tips and make juicier, tastier and admiration-worthy non-vegetarian food each time.

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