How do Tablecloths Differ for Events?

Tablecloths come in a variety of materials, colours, sizes, and designs. The design of the tablecloth becomes important when used in any quantity for an event where there are lots of people attending. The convenience of how long it takes to put in place and remove the tablecloth impacts, for instance, on the amount of wages those staff employed on the event will require.

Choosing the Design of your Tablecloth

You can have table skirts, overlays, and runners as part of your table’s covering. You can merely have one tablecloth. However, did you know that you can purchase such a thing as a stretch table cover? Round stretch tablecloths exist in this design for use at weddings and in hotels. These stretch tablecloths also come in a rectangular design, extending their use and convenience further. The tight-fitting capabilities of stetch cover tablecloths allow them to be used to fit a variety of different sizes of table without exact measurements being required. So, if you are holding your own wedding, there is no need to buy new tables unnecessarily. These can be borrowed from relatives, then whatever condition their tops are in, can be disguised fully by the colours and design of the stretch table cover. It is a tablecloth so tight-fitting that nobody can easily lift it to see underneath. One of the features of the stretch table cover is that it can stay in position better, particularly where there are children close to wine-sipping adults. Wine glasses can so easily be toppled over by the mere tug of a tablecloth corner. And worse still, it could be red wine that is spilled needlessly. Whatever your choice, be it traditionalist or out of convenience, it is worth considering the kind of tablecloth that will suit you best from a design point of view as well as an aesthetic one. Further information on tablecloths is available on the internet that talks about other considerations when choosing table covers, and of their history.

Choosing the Colour

Colour choices are particularly important when selecting tablecloths for an event. If it is a corporate event, with defined hospitality aims, the company hosting the event is likely to have specific colours in mind that fit with its logo. The bride at the wedding may come from a traditional family and desire white tablecloths, but equally she may desire a colour that she prefers as her own colour to theme her own wedding. Events companies might have different ideas so that they produce something different which establishes them as the company of choice. To consider what different colours mean to us in society, is to consider that:

  • White is symbolic of Innocence and Purity. Something every bride would like to be associated with.
  • Green represents New Beginnings.
  • Red is for Passion.
  • Orange is for Energy, Vitality, and Happiness.
  • Yellow is for Hope and Happiness.
  • Black is associated with Mystery, Authority, and Strength.
  • Blue is Calming, and who does not need that on their wedding day?

Choosing the Tablecloth’s Material

For an event, it might seem wise to select tablecloths that have wipe clean surfaces, except this may contradict with expectation and appearance. In terms of cost for mass use, tablecloths in cotton are easy and cheap to produce. For a shinier, silkier appearance, then polyester should be considered. If there is a chance of rain, and you are outdoors, a vinyl surface will offer weather resistance, and will be easy to clean up afterwards.

To make an overall point, there are schools of thought that see tablecloths as old-fashioned, but this is far from the case. Tablecloths are, in fact, a growing area. With events happening every day, and the many possibilities for them in the home, they are most definitely here to stay. Interior decorators swear by them for improving home interiors. Wedding and event organisers make tablecloths top of their lists for things to make sure are in place for that special day.

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