Are Grill Pans the Right Choice to Get Perfectly Grilled Food?

Not everyone has a backyard to host barbecue parties with their friends and enjoy perfectly grilled cuts of meats (or veggies). For people living in cities, it becomes a distant dream. Apartment dwellings are not designed for the carefree, slow cooking grills and barbecues. Therefore, a grilling pan may come in handy for all of you. Today let’s understand if this cooking equipment is good for perfect grilling or not.

The look vs. the taste

Grilling is based on the principle that some parts of the food are exposed to higher temperatures while some others remain at lower temperatures. This creates a perfect contrasting flavor and adds some earthiness and smokiness to your dishes, making them more delicious than ever. In general, grilling is done outside on large pellet/wood fired grills. They cook the food slowly and add an authentic woody and earthy grilled flavor too,

However, when you are using grilling pans, the taste may not be as good as a real grill. Of course, the design of the pan ensures that you get the aesthetics of traditional grilling. The charring of the food looks good, and you get some crustiness and crispiness at these places, helping you get the same appeal. The food grilled on traditional outdoor grills with wood fire taste much different.

Is a grilling pan a waste of time and money?

Definitely not. Grilling pans are perfect for apartment dwellers or for people who don’t want to handle the hassles of a real grill. Note that such grills take time to heat up and usually create smoke. They could also be cleanup nightmares. Grilling pans make your job much easier and give you smokeless grilling experience for a lower price, even if you don’t have an outdoor space. Therefore, you can’t call them a waste of time or money.

How to get the perfect grill?

If you really want to get the perfect grilling experience, you should get a pan with a lid. These pans let you cook faster and give you more defined grilling marks. Additionally, they would be grilled more evenly. You should also ensure that the grill is square shaped. This helps in keeping all the foods dispersed nicely in the pan, helping get better chars.

Another thing to note about perfect grills is the time you take to preheat the pan. Don’t place veggies in the pan before turning the heat on. Instead, let it preheat and then add your veggies or meats. A sign of a nicely preheated pan is the sizzling sound that accompanies the grilling.

To get evenly cooked food that doesn’t taste raw in between, ensure that you opt for thinner slices of meats. For veggies, opt for smaller slices. You will need more time to cook thicker items. Moreover, grilling pans only heat the food directly. There is no radiation effect like traditional grills. Therefore, thicker slices may mean uncooked food.

Have you found your perfect grill yet? What do you use your grilling pan for? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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