What Should Vegans Order When They Eat Out?

Eating out when you are a vegan could be very confusing. You will have a hard time looking for the foods you want to eat. Sometimes, it could get embarrassing to ask the waiter about several foods and understand their vegan options. Therefore, they play safe and order a salad instead. No matter how good this idea sounds, it is quite boring to order the same old salad each time you move out.

Don’t worry. Vegans have several options of foods waiting for them. You only have to read this post to the end to find out.

Most American style restaurants offer more meat options than other cuisines. This means that you will have a hard time in finding a vegan dish that could satisfy your taste buds. Therefore, opting for a more diversified platter will help you for sure. Here are what different world cuisines have to offer to vegans.

Chinese food

When you go to a Chinese restaurant, it is easy to get a vegan version of a dish. Ask for rice noodles in any soup or noodle-based dishes. When ordering vegetable fried rice, you can ask the wait staff to leave out the egg, if any. Do the same when you are ordering soups. Manchurian is a good dish and can be made with veggies as well. It tastes great with fried rice and noodles. You can also have a great time with stir-fried vegetables. Ask if they use soya sauce or fish sauce in the preparation. Avoid them.

Italian food

The pasta arrabiata is the best choice for vegans who love Italian food. It is made with a tangy tomato sauce and is incredibly vegan-friendly. You can also try the marinara pizza. It is made without cheese. Just confirm with the wait staff once if the ingredients contain any eggs or animal products. Opt for dried pasta instead of fresh ones as it could contain eggs.

Indian food

Indian cuisine is one of the most vegan-friendly cuisines in the world and with a few tweaks, even their most popular dishes could be made vegan. Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese which you can easily replace with tofu. Some curries may contain milk or dairy while others are completely devoid of it.

Similarly, food can be cooked in ghee (unclarified butter) or mustard oil (or coconut oil, depending on the type of cuisine). Just tell the wait staff your preferences, and they should be able to provide you a vegan version of most of their foods with ease.

It is always worthwhile to call the restaurant and ask if they have any vegan options available. You can also check their menus online or talk to your local community of vegans to find if such options restaurants exist in your area. You can also find if some dishes could be made vegan by swapping or removing a few items. For example, rice noodles can easily be used in place of egg noodles.

You will have to be more alert as a vegan when you are eating out. I would suggest you to find a few good restaurants and stick to them. The staff will likely know about your preferences, and they will help you find new dishes or get you your favorites without any hassles.

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