How I Ensure That I Live a Healthier More Fulfilled Life

Life is all about ups and downs, but if you are not careful, the downs could loom over your head for months at a stretch. I have always believed that we should be satisfied with our lives but leave no stones unturned to make it better. Here are my rules for living a happier and more fulfilled life that could help you as well.

Enjoy your work

Make sure that you enjoy what you do. If you only work for the heck of it, you will never find happiness or fulfillment in life. Work takes up a majority of time in our day, and we should better enjoy doing it. Failing this, we will always remain dissatisfied. This will add to our worsening stress and make you feel resentful as well.

The best way to do this is to do work that drives your passions. If you want to be a chef but end up accounting for a firm, you will never be able to enjoy the work you do. So, find out what you like and try to go in the same direction. I always wanted to be a chef. Therefore, long working hours don’t bother me as much. You should do the same.

Sleep well

I always ask my readers to sleep well. There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep and people who think they will be filling up the quota on weekends are doing their body’s huge disfavor. Your body needs daily sleep to rejuvenate itself and remain in peak working conditions. If you delay sleep until the end of the week, you will start getting tired and more prone to illness as the week progresses. Change this lifestyle and sleep well every day.

Eat seasonal foods and vegetables

Even though I love to use frozen produce, I prefer to eat mostly in-season fruits and vegetables. I also find time to go to the local farmer’s market every week and buy the best in-season fruits and veggies from there. It helps me in supporting the local community and buying food that is not only food for my health but also a tastier option as compared to frozen produce. Some local produce is not available in supermarkets and grocery stores. So, I buy it in bulk and try to freeze it for the rest of the year. However, my general thought is to consume fresh seasonal produce as much as possible.

Drink water

Our body is 70% water, but most of us don’t drink enough to keep our bodies hydrated. This leads to dry hair and skin, dizziness, lack of focus and other such problems. If you really want to stay alert and healthy, learn to drink water. An adult human male required at least 3 liters of water while female need at least 2.7 liters. Make sure you match the numbers each day. Watch the change in your body in the next one month.

I believe that we can create a magical, fulfilled and happy life for ourselves by just clinging to some simple rules. Try the ones I listed above and see if you could find any changes in life.

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