Caribbean Diets and Cuisines

Caribbean food is an intricate blend of zesty, interesting foods that are often drowned – quite literally – in the islands flavors. Caribbean cooking makes great use of abundant ingredients found on the islands, like rice, sweet potatoes, coconut, cassava, plantains, tamarind, mango, and yam. Caribbean cuisine includes all of your favorite seafood, chicken, and steaks, prepared with the islands spices and colorful ingredients. In general, Caribbean cuisine is heavy in flavorful, often spicy spices, cooked dishes, breads, and seafood.

The Jamaican food traditions, though, are not entirely superior to Caribbean dishes found in smaller, Anglophone islands. Spanish, Dutch, French, and British islands offer unique dining experiences that are worth visiting again and again.

From delicately sweet desserts to savory main dishes, every country of The Caribbean Region has something that is sure to please your appetite. From delicious Caribbean starters such as tostones and empanadas, to their tasty main dishes such as picadillo and pastelon, to their sweet desserts such as rum cakes and flan… you are going to find it all, and some more, on this best Caribbean recipes list. Some of the other Caribbean snacks that you cannot miss include, the Baked and Shark, a street food snack served on Antigua and Barbuda, Haitis specialty Haitian salty pastries, and Jamaican beef patties, which are staples in British-Jamaican culture. While meaty stews are quintessential to the culture, the islands are not at all lacking for sweet and savory snacks, which are enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.

The foods served on the islands are influenced by cultures around the world; but each island adds their own unique flavors and cooking techniques. Rice is one of the main staples in the Caribbean, with each island having their own unique version of the rice dish. Caribbean cuisine is defined by its stews, which are usually served with rice, plantains, beans, and a cornmeal-based paste, resembling grits. Caribbean cuisine is unique because of its varied cultural influences, historic traditions, and bright flavors that are as varied as the islands themselves.

In its most basic form, Caribbean food, therefore, you could say Caribbean food is a blend of culinary influences from around the globe, made as good, and in seven, as life itself. Often associated with fruity flavors and tropical aromatics, Caribbean food is strongly influenced by a distinct set of islands. In general, Caribbean cooking includes vegetables, fruits, and spices that are typically distributed between the islands in the Caribbean.

You may notice chicken, goat, and curry as favorite foods across English-influenced areas of the islands, and French cooking is common across the Francophone areas of the Caribbean. Certain meat-based soups are also typical to the Caribbean Cuisine since they are made from vegetables and meats found in only twenty-seven islands. The other foods–oxtail; chicken jerk; rice; vegetables, sauteed, steamed, and cooked; goat; and plantain fries–were all indigenous and natural to Caribbean islands, so it gave customers a realistic view of what natives regularly ate. The restaurant, however, was also built to be appropriate for American culture, with soft drinks along with natural fruit juices, an ATM machine (which you might imagine you would not find at a typical, indigenous Caribbean institution), and foods that were directly targeted at the American public, like buffalo wings.

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