Getting Meaty

Meat Cooking Tips That Will Save Your Face in a Party

In a party, you will always find a vegan who doesn’t want meats, dairy, and any other animal products in their vicinity. Cooking for them …


Visualization and Other Tricks I Use for a Healthy Mental State

Are you one of the people who are constantly stressed and feel like they are losing their mind? You are not alone. Several other people …


Things You Should Never Do at a Restaurant, Ever

When you visit a restaurant, you are the king. The tables, the ambience, the waiters and the chef are ready at your service. However, this …


The Easiest Salad Recipes in the World to Stay Healthy

Making a salad isn’t difficult at all. If you have fresh produce at home, salad making should not take more than 10 minutes. Forget about …

Recipes to Try

How to Make Chicken Butter Masala like an Indian

Chicken butter masala, also known as butter chicken, is a mainstay of many Indian restaurants and the flag bearer of Indian cuisine worldwide. While Indian …


What Should Vegans Order When They Eat Out?

Eating out when you are a vegan could be very confusing. You will have a hard time looking for the foods you want to eat. …

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