Best Cooking Hacks to Save Your Precious Time and Money

Most of us never find adequate time for cooking and end up creating unsatisfying meals. Disappointment and frustrations start looming over us soon, and we simply say goodbye to cooking.

Hey, don’t take such drastic steps. By using these simple tricks, you can easily save your time as well as money. Here are some points you need to note down before cooking the next time.

Food storage hacks

Keep potatoes white

You might have noticed that potatoes tend to turn brown when you put them in open for a while. It happens due to the release of starch that oxidizes them when left without their peels. You can prevent this discoloration by putting the pieces in cold water.

Slow down rotting

To save tomatoes from becoming rotten, store them without cutting the stem. By doing so, you prevent air from entering the tomato while preventing the moisture from exiting out. Moreover, store them at room temperature for optimal results rather than using your fridge.

Keep bananas fresh for longer

By wrapping the bunch of bananas with plastic you can keep them fresh for longer.  You can also use shower caps to do so. It will be much better if you separate each banana. It blocks the release of ethylene gas and slows down the process of ripening.

Food Preparation hacks

Prevent onions from making you weep

Put a slice of bread in your mouth; make sure that it partially remains out in order to absorb the troubling gas before it influences your eyes and makes you weep. You can also freeze the onion before chopping and use it later.

Make your own buttermilk

To make buttermilk without having all the ingredients you just have to add a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice in milk. It makes the milk turn thick and creamy which will help you to create fluffy pancakes and quick bread.

Soften butter faster

To soften butter early, you just have to cut down a thick stick of butter into multiple pieces. The hard slices will mellow down due to the increased surface area.

De-crystallize honey

Place the honey container in a bowl of hot water for a maximum of 10 minutes. This method will instill a new life in the crystallized honey.

Freezing hacks

Cool down coffee without diluting it

Cool down the brewed coffee to room temperature and put it in the ice cube tray. Now, let the cubes stay in the freezer. These coffee cubes will prevent an iced “cup of joe” from getting watered down. You can also add milk and sweetener for better taste.

Steer clear of ice cream freezer burn

Before putting back ice-cream in the freezer cover the top with a piece of wax paper. It acts as a barrier and helps prevent freezer burn.

Chill wine and cocktails without diluting

Instead of diluting wine or a fancy cocktail you can plop few frozen grapes in your glass to make it chilled.

By using these simple tricks, you can ease some burden off your cooking. You can also experiment with different products and tricks to create a personal and more useful cooking hack.

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