Alfresco dining area design essentials with teak outdoor furniture

Whether it’s a small space you have to work with, a decent-sized one or a considerable backyard you have to work with, your garden space goes wasted if you don’t use it for some al fresco dining at least once in a while. When the weather permits, there’s nothing quite as grounding as eating outdoors, to get in touch with our roots and ways of our early ancestors. This is one of the reasons why teak outdoor furniture has become very popular in recent years.

Naturally, it’s more than the size of the outdoor garden space that will ultimately have a bearing on its usability as an occasional dining space, but space is probably the most significant consideration in any case. That said, however, here are some alfresco dining area essentials to take into account.


So, we’ve already introduced the size of the space you’re working with as an important area of consideration for al fresco dining area design, but there are some details to get into. It’s a matter of ensuring you maintain the comfort that comes with mobility, so you and everybody else who would be dining al fresco with you should not have their range of movement limited. Three people shouldn’t have to get up if someone who is positioned right in the corner of the teak outdoor furniture needs to get up, for instance.

The bigger the space you have to work with the easier it can be to go the other way and attempt to fill the entire garden space as some kind of grand alfresco dining area. It’s never the case of the bigger the better with the likes of outdoor dining tables because remember that you might find yourself having to shout just so that you can have a conversation with someone who would be seated right at the other end of the long table you mistakenly choose to go with.

In the case of the space being limited, there are some foldable and retractable options of some of the best teak outdoor furniture available, to be extended and deployed as per the requirements to accommodate the corresponding number of guests.

Plant life

The best al fresco dining is that which takes place in an outdoor space that feels like it’s populated with plant life that grows naturally, a feeling that can be recreated by cultivating plants that do well in that particular area. There’s nothing like a big tree to make for some natural shade, under which to place your teak garden table.

Exposure to the elements

With the availability of accessories such as garden furniture covers, you wouldn’t necessarily have to consider offsetting the effects of the elements by commissioning for something like covered decking to be constructed. However, if you do indeed plan on enjoying some al fresco dining on more regular occasions, more permanent protective structures such as covered decking would naturally make for a better option to consider in your longer-term outdoor garden space planning.

Alfresco dining can get challenging when you consider other proponents of the elements, like annoying insects during the warmer months…

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